You cant stroke web design.. hard music

Are you bored of me apologising on the blog about the lack of design and web based content? I am. (I’ll do a post about SEO before the start of next week, I promise)

Working in the world of graphic design, web design and all that gubbins is great…but at the end of the day when you get home you can’t help but think…what would I do if the electric went away?…would I be a useful member of society after the apocalypse?*…what physical proof do I have to show as a reward for my 19 hour work day?

Everything is digital…the work we do, the stock photography we buy, the seo we plough hours into and even the music we listen to.

This last point was the final straw. I adore how I can listen to whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want..thats just a tad too many wants granted, and not enough things to hold and stroke.

So I decided to bin spotify and internet radio, at least just in the kitchen.

…I’m proud to announce that the Curlykale kitchen is now plumbed for vinyl.

There is something rather lovely about holding your big music, seeing it turn around whilst you fold your wonton wrappers and hear it crackle and skip as the aga steam slowly destroys your record. This music exists. It isn’t a series of 1 and 0′s, this device is actually making physical, real music…dont get me wrong, it sounds awful. This is entirely due to me only spending £28 on the record player…but I can see myself upgrading very soon, maybe plumbed into some wonderful speakers, a log fire and a glass of wine.

For now, just seeing it spin in the corner playing my record collection (currently just tubular bells) through tinny speakers makes me happy.

CSS, HTML, PANTONE (I made everything better)

As always, we love you all :-)

*I can cook, please let me be in your group after the apocalpyse